Verifying your contractors’ information and documentation is the next step in PEC Safety’s contractor management system. This important step lets you know the self-reported information our contractor has provided during prequalification is accurate and up to date.

OSHA Logs/EMR Document Verification

PEC verifiers will review your contractors’ OSHA logs and EMR documentation for accuracy with the information they have entered into their online questionnaire.

Fines and Citations Verification

PEC Safety verifies through governmental sites that any fines and citations your contractors are reporting are the fines and citations actually received.

Insurance Verification

Your contractors’ insurance is verified based on your company’s requirements, the service(s) provided by the contractor, and the risk associated with the service(s) your contractor provides.

Training Tracker

View your contractors’ individual employee training records online with training certificates, dates taken, and expiration dates. Any training provided by PEC Safety is automatically added to your contractor’s Training Tracker.


Create a contractor badging system with employee IDs that contain a photo, training information, and scannable barcode linked to the Training Tracker.

Additional Services

Safety Program Review

An authorized PEC verifier will review your contractors’ safety programs required by the services they provide for regulatory compliance and best practice.

Face to Face SSQ Verification

An authorized PEC verifier will visit your contractors’ office or conduct the verification via webcam to verify the self-reported answers in their online questionnaire through supporting documentation.

Contact Us

For more information regarding Verification please contact PEC Safety’s Industry Assessments Department at or 985.629.5911.