Safe Construction Orientation

PEC Safety is the technological safety resource for construction. By creating the first standardized safety orientation for the construction industry, PEC Safe Construction, we have developed a sturdy foundation for companies who will utilize our orientation to help develop a safety structure within their organization. PEC Safe Construction is a multi-functional orientation that can be utilized across any industry where construction is present.

This one-day orientation will provide general construction safety information that workers need to know before entering a company facility or site and while performing their assigned work duties. Students will will learn about the Focus Four and other hazards they may encounter in their workplace and become familiar with various practices to mitigate those hazards.

This synergistic and comprehensive orientation meets minimum requirements for an awareness-level orientation – click here to review the syllabus.

PEC Safe Construction Train the Trainer

We are pleased to provide you the opportunity to join one of the largest Instructor Networks – PEC Safety’s Interconnect Safety Network, which is comprised of PEC Instructors, Owner Clients, Contractors, and Workers.

PEC Safety has the largest network of authorized Instructors with over 2300 PEC Instructors nationwide. As an authorized PEC Instructor you will gain access to the most recognized and owner client (operator) requested standardized safety training programs and orientations. We have an extensive standardized course library which includes two training programs that have been accredited by SafeLandUSA and SafeGulf in addition to our newest construction orientation.

Over 1.2 million students, trained by authorized PEC Instructors, have completed our standardized training programs. Through the Instructor Portal, you will always have access to the most up to date materials for your students. PEC Safety maintains the highest quality Instructor and student training materials which are continuously improved to include new industry standards, regulations, and updates.

Current and potential PEC Instructors who meet the Instructor qualifications and successfully complete the PEC Safe Construction Train the Trainer course, will have the ability to offer/teach the one-day PEC Safe Construction Orientation.

The PEC Safe Construction Train the Trainer is a two-day course. If you are a new Instructor to PEC Safety you are required to attend both class dates for the PEC Safe Construction Train the Trainer course. If you are a current PEC Basic Orientation or PEC Core Compliance Instructor, you are only required to attend day two of the PEC Safe Construction Train the Trainer course. Click here for more information on the PEC Safe Construction Train the Trainer.

PEC Safe Construction ID Card

Upon successful completion of the PEC Safe Construction orientation, the student will be issued a physical and digital PEC ID card that displays their photo, name, company name, and scannable barcode on the front and training documentation on the back. Also, all training will be entered into PEC Safety’s training databases – the Advanced Training Tracker and

The digital PEC ID card can be accessed through the free PEC Mobile App and can be downloaded in the Apple and Google Play app stores. Students will be able to view their training history, including which courses are active and expired (within 30-days of expiration). The PEC Mobile App provides a convenient method for users to view their digital PEC ID card and acquired training/validated courses while granting them access to download course materials and quick reference cards – applying PEC’s safety programs from the classroom directly to the worksite.

In addition, PEC Safety has a completely free tool called ( that allows employees, employers, customers and non-customers to view and verify employee completion of PEC Safe Construction. In our efforts to help better the industry, all parties, including non-customers, are offered this service as long as they have a smart phone or computer with internet capability.

( is compatible with iPhone, Android, Blackberry, PC, and MAC.)

PEC Safe Construction is a multi-functional orientation that can be utilized across any industry where construction is present.