MSTQ Core – New Training Module

Midstream Training Qualifications (MSTQ): Core Training Requirements

Are you looking for an efficient way to meet the MSTQ Core Training Requirements or does your company work for Kinder Morgan or Colonial Pipeline? Good news – PEC Safety was chosen by these two companies to develop a training module, MSTQ Core, enabling your company to satisfy the requested training requirements. Click here to read more.

Obtaining the SafeLandUSA Orientation

Find an Authorized SafeLandUSA Instructor in Your Area – There are hundreds of Authorized SafeLandUSA Instructors across the country, including the areas where participating MSTQ members operate. All PEC Basic Orientation and PEC Core Compliance Instructors are authorized to teach SafeLandUSA as well as the MSTQ Core module. Click the button below to find a SafeLandUSA Instructor in your area.

Become an Authorized SafeLandUSA Instructor – Train the Trainer courses are available for organizations that wish to have an In-house Authorized SafeLandUSA Instructor. This option would allow training to be conducted on your schedule and in your facility. To become and Authorized PEC Basic Orientation or PEC Core Compliance Instructor with the ability to teach SafeLandUSA as well as the MSTQ Core module, click the button below.

Get MSTQ Core Module – If you have previously completed SafeLandUSA in the last 365 days, utilize PEC Safety’s online eLearning/CBT Portal to complete the additional MSTQ Core module or utilize your preferred PEC SafeLandUSA Instructor. Access online MSTQ Core module by clicking the button below.

National Demolition Association (NDA) Convention and Expo

PEC Safety’ Mallory Friend, Business Development Texas Operations, will be presenting at the Demolition Convention and Expo today at 3pm PST! Stop by the Destination NDA Booth on the presentation floor to learn more about the benefits of contractor management within the construction industry.

We learned that the total cost of fatal and non-fatal injuries in the construction industry is estimated at nearly $13 BILLION ANNUALLY. Deaths are estimated to be 40% of that annual cost.

That 40% includes $4 MILLION DEATHS ANNUALLY per incident and $42,000 NON-FATAL INJURIES ANNUALLY per incident.

Click here to learn how PEC Safety’s technology-based contractor management solution can help you save big and be proactive when mitigating risks.

Learn more about the National Demolition Association’s Convention and Expo here.

Demolition Convention and Expo
January 29 – 31, 2017

The Mirage Hotel and Casino
3400 Las Vegas Boulevard South
Las Vegas, Nevada 89109

Mid-continent Digital Oilfield Conference 2017

Brendan Costello, Business Development Oklahoma Operations, will be attending the Mid-continent Digital Oilfield Conference in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Today’s oil and natural gas industry is rapidly changing, making it more reliant on cutting edge technology to support key operations. PEC’s Contractor Management System is not only the first of its kind but configurable to meet any client’s immediate needs. Click here to learn more.

Learn more about this event by clicking here.

Mid-continent Digital Oilfield Conference
January 25-26, 2017

Renaissance Tulsa Hotel & Convention Center
6808 South 107th East Avenue
Tulsa, Oklahoma 74133


Site Safety Infographic

Good housekeeping, hazard controls, and emergency preparedness are key factors in staying safe on the job site. Being aware of your surroundings and doing your part to keep a clean site assures your safety and the safety of those around you.

Having proper knowledge of work permits, lockout/tag out, and warning signs can also save your life and the lives of others.

Get a Copy of the Infographic

For more tips on site safety, download the PEC Mobile App to get your copy of this infographic.

Site Safety – January 2017 Safety Meeting

Did you know that good housekeeping pertains to areas other than your living quarters? Do you know why there are windsocks on construction sites? Site Safety, the January 2017 safety meeting topic, includes vital information regarding hazards controls, emergency preparedness, and good housekeeping.

Remember, you are responsible for your safety. Be sure and stay up to date and read through each site specific guide to protect yourself and others from peril.

How can you receive the PEC Monthly Safety Meeting Package?

Through PEC Safety’s annual Verification Package or PEC Connect subscription, you have access to the PEC Safety Meeting Archives – a comprehensive archive containing over 60 safety meeting topics and materials. Click here to access the archive and view the 2017 topics.

If you are interested in receiving PEC’s monthly safety meetings and having access to our safety meeting archive, contact our PEC Connect Specialist at 985.801.4124, or purchase your annual PEC Connect subscription for only $250 here.

Did you know the average industry cost of monthly safety meetings is $250. For that price, you will not only receive PEC monthly safety meetings, developed by safety experts, but you will gain the ability to connect with world class owner clients, giving your company desired exposure to be discovered by the people that are hiring contractors like you!

What is PEC Connect?

PEC Connect – The Select Contractor Directory will give your company the added benefit of being discovered through PEC’s Standardized Safety Questionnaire (the SSQ) by our owner clients to be hired for work. The Select Contractor Directory empowers our owner clients to search this exclusive directory to view key pieces of information from your general questionnaire, streamlining the pre-qualification and hiring process, and giving your company desired exposure.

Texas Petroleum Investment Company Implements PEC Safety

Texas Petroleum Investment Company (TPIC) is an exploration and production company with principal operations along the Gulf Cost of the United States. Established in 1989, today TPIC operates more than 2,000 producing wells and is committed to having incident free operations, achievable by working as a team with those contractors and employees who demonstrate sound safety management practices and implement good incident prevention programs.

TPIC has recently implemented PEC Safety as part of its total contractor management system to help evaluate the safety performance and related qualifications of their contractors and service providers.

Contractor Information

Need to obtain the SafeGulf/SafeLandUSA Orientation for compliance? Visit the PEC Instructor Map by clicking here to find an Instructor in your area!

Need help navigating PEC Safety’s systems or would like to review its features and benefits? PEC Safety’s Help Desk Department is available to host personal one-on-one webinars to show you how to navigate through your Standardized Safety Questionnaire (the SSQ) and Advanced Training Tracker, upload documents, and manage and maintain your employee’s training records.

Merry Christmas

We hope you have a safe and very Merry Christmas, from all of us at PEC Safety!

Need a joke to tell at your holiday gathering?

What does Santa not like to eat? You guessed it, venison burgers!

Happy Christmas Eve

Happy Christmas Eve from PEC Safety! Whether you are traveling to see friends or family, still preparing for Christmas day, or sipping hot chocolate by the fire, we hope you have a safe and joyful Christmas Eve!

12 Days of Holiday Safety

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from all of us at PEC Safety! As we celebrate this Holiday Season, our thoughts turn grateful to you. With warm appreciation, we wish you a joyful Christmas Season with peace, good health, and prosperity in the New Year.

We would like to provide you with a few helpful safety tips to get you through the holidays. Click the download infographic button get your copy of  our 12 Days of Holiday Safety Infographic!

  1. Prepare Your Vehicle for Traveling to Grandmother’s House
  2. Drive Your Sleight and Reindeer Safely
  3. Help Prevent the Spread of the Flu
  4. Prevent Hypothermia by Following Santa’s Lead
  5. Use a Certified Babysitter When Attending Holiday Festivities
  6. Avoid Danger When Roasting Chestnuts on an Open Fire
  7. Be a Lifesaver During the Holidays
  8. Designate a Driver or Skip the Holiday Cheer
  9. When the Weather Outside is Frightful, Heat Your Home Safely
  10. Cut Down on Your Heating Bills Without Being a Grinch
  11. Don’t Move a Muscle, Until They Buckle
  12. Resolve to be Red Cross Ready in the New  Year

We are excited to continue working with you in 2017 and thank you for choosing PEC Safety!

First Day of Winter – Cold Weather Work Safety Information

Today marks the first day of winter!

Do you frequently work in cold weather environments?

Working in cold weather can expose workers to environmental cold injuries. Hundreds of workers report cases involving days away from work caused by exposure to environmental cold each year. Environmental cold can affect any worker, especially those who work outdoors and are involved in support activities for oil and gas operations.

Environmental cold puts workers at risk of:

  • Cold Stress
  • Slips
  • Trips
  • Falls

These risks are caused by icy and snow-covered surfaces.

Companies must help prevent cold stress by training workers on:

  • How to recognize the environmental and workplace conditions that can lead to cold stress.
  • The symptoms of cold stress, how to prevent it, and what to do to help affected workers.
  • How to select proper clothing for cold, wet, and windy conditions.

Workers can prevent cold stress by monitoring themselves and other workers for cold stress symptoms:

  • Uncontrolled Shivering
  • Loss of Coordination, Slurred Speech, and Confusion
  • Slow Breathing and Heart Rate
  • Reddened Skin and Blisters
  • Gray or White Patches in the Extremities
  • Tingling, Pain, Swelling, or Numbness
  • Leg Cramps

Remember, prepare for cold weather work:

  • Be Alert For Symptoms of Cold Stress.
  • Dress Appropriately and Stay Dry.
  • Use Engineering Controls, Safe Work Practices, and PPE.