Midstream Training Qualifications (MSTQ): Core Training Requirements

PEC Safety was chosen by two of the largest energy infrastructure and pipeline companies in the United States to develop a training module, Midstream Training Qualifications (MSTQ). The MSTQ module taken in conjunction with SafeLandUSA, enables contractors and sub-contractors to satisfy the requested MSTQ Core Training Requirements.

What is MSTQ?

MSTQ is a new set of training requirements for participating members of the midstream industry comprised of core training, non-core training and hands-on training requirements. Currently the MSTQ module in addition with SafeLandUSA satisfies only the awareness level core training requirements. The additional non-core training and hands-on training will be added in phases over time.

Meeting MSTQ Core Training Requirements

To satisfy MSTQ Core Training Requirements, contractors and sub-contractors must successfully complete SafeLandUSA in addition to the MSTQ Core module . SafeLandUSA must have been completed in the last 365 days prior to completing the MSTQ Core module to satisfy the MSTQ Core Training Requirements. To check the date of your SafeLandUSA credential, visit

Obtaining the SafeLandUSA Orientation

Find an Authorized SafeLandUSA Instructor in Your Area – There are hundreds of Authorized SafeLandUSA Instructors across the country, including the areas where participating MSTQ members operate. All PEC Basic Orientation and PEC Core Compliance Instructors are authorized to teach SafeLandUSA as well as the MSTQ Core module . Click the button below to find a SafeLandUSA Instructor in your area.

Become an Authorized SafeLandUSA Instructor – Train the Trainer courses are available for organizations that wish to have an In-house Authorized SafeLandUSA Instructor. This option would allow training to be conducted on your schedule and in your facility. To become and Authorized PEC Basic Orientation or PEC Core Compliance Instructor with the ability to teach SafeLandUSA as well as the MSTQ Core module , click the button below.

Get MSTQ Core Module – If you have previously completed SafeLandUSA in the last 365 days, utilize PEC Safety’s online eLearning/CBT Portal to complete the additional MSTQ module or utilize your preferred PEC SafeLandUSA Instructor. Access online MSTQ Core module by clicking the button below.