Complete Customer Support

Throughout this entire process, support for you and your contractors is critical. PEC Safety prides itself on outstanding customer support. PEC Safety’s customer support contacts your contractors regularly to remind them to update their OSHA statistical information and assist them with any questions or requirements. As an operator, you will have a designated account/support representative for any assistance you may need.

Operator Support

Each operator account is assigned to an Operator Account/Support Representative. Your account representative manages your overall account and is available to meet quarterly as well as to assist you with the daily needs. For questions please contact Operator Support at or 1.800.892.8179.

Contractor Support

PEC Safety’s Contractor Support is always available to assist your contractors in meeting your requirements and answer any questions they might have. Each contractor is called regularly to update their questionnaire and are notified of any outstanding requirements they must fulfill. For questions please contact Customer Support at or 866.647.2338.

Help Desk

PEC Safety’s Help Desk is available to operators and contractors to assist with any IT and technical issues. For questions please contact the Help Desk at or 1.800.892.8179 ext. 5005.

System Training Webinars

PEC Safety holds regular webinars with operators to train them on using the system and fully utilizing the benefits of their account. We also hold webinars with contractors to assist them with entering and uploading training records into the Training Tracker and their Standardized Safety Questionnaire (SSQ).

Contractor Information Meetings

PEC Safety will schedule, send invitations, and host information meetings with your contractors to inform them of your requirements and explain how to meet those requirements.

Trainers and Consultants

PEC Safety has a nationwide network of trainers and consultants that we can direct your contractors to for their training and safety assistance. Our network of trainers and consultants can be a valuable resource for smaller companies without a designated HSE department.