Advanced Training Tracker – Frequently Asked Questions

What is Advanced Training Tracker?

PEC’s Advanced Training Tracker (AdvTT) is a full featured online database that gives your company everything it needs to record and manage your employees training and to release training to your operators.

Can I add employees into AdvTT?

AdvTT allows you to easily add new employees. Because AdvTT is linked to PEC’s existing database, many of your employees may already be in the system. This can also double as an HR tool, allowing you to classify your employees by job title, location, division, etc.

Who enters PEC training records into AdvTT?

When your employees successfully complete PEC courses and we receive the training roster from the instructor, our Training Department enters your employees PEC training records into AdvTT.

Can I track my own courses?

AdvTT doesn’t limit you to only PEC courses. You can manage and create your own proprietary or third party training courses. You can include information on length of course, description as well as expiration dates.
You can add your courses to individual employees, or use the built in roster section to add courses to multiple employees at a time, reducing the amount of time spent on data entry.

Can I create a training matrix, or graphical representation of my employees training?

You can create multiple training matrixes in AdvTT. Employee classifications and training matrixes are the backbone of AdvTT. Together these features allow you to run dynamic reports on your employees training status and keep track of refresher training courses.

Can I generate training taken/training needs reports?

AdvTT allows you to run dynamic reports on your individual employees, classifications of employees, or reports on specific courses. You can run training taken; training needs, as well as projected training needs reports and export these reports to Microsoft Excel or Adobe Acrobat.

How do I add my own training certificates to AdvTT?

After adding your proprietary or third party courses, you have the option to upload documents including certificates, test sheets, etc. directly to our servers. The document will show up directly next to the course and can be viewed by you as well as requesting operators.

How do I get my employees training to my requesting operators?

AdvTT provides a very simple way to release training to your requesting operators. You can simply select the operator you would like to release to, and that operator will be able to view your training data. No need to e-mail multiple reports and matrixes to meet your guidelines, It’s all done in one convenient place.

What kind of badges can I print with AdvTT?

With AdvTT, you have the option to design and print your own company specific training badges complete with your company’s name and logo. The badges can include employee picture, employee ID, PEC number, and a list of completed training courses on the back. These badges can be printed on paper or plastic using a dedicated card printer.

I want to add my own training to AdvTT, but I don’t have time? Can anyone enter the data for me?

No problem, we can add your own data for you at a rate of $15 per employee. We also have other options for adding large amounts of data into AdvTT.