Advanced Training Tracker

Advanced Training Tracker – PEC Safety’s Advanced Training Tracker (AdvTT) is a full-featured online database that gives your company everything it needs to record all in-house and third-party training. All PEC Safety training is automatically added to your company’s AdvTT. The AdvTT is available for purchase through the Verification Package. Features of the AdvTT include:

Employee Management – Employee Tracking and HR Information

Easily add and track new employee information including: picture, hire date, employee ID, contact information, benefits received, and comments. Also, because AdvTT is linked to PEC’s existing database, many of your employees may already be in the system making adding them to classifications and training matrices quick and easy.

Custom Courses and Roster Entry – Easily Keep Track of Your Training

PEC already has a list of common training courses built into the system but you can manage and create your own proprietary or third-party training courses. For example, you can record everything from new hire orientation to instructor certification to issuance of employee identification. You can also include information on length of course, description, and refresher dates. Create as many courses as needed and add them to your training matrices for your company or individual classifications. You can attach these courses to a class by using the built in roster screen or individually per employee. Adding training by roster can save hours in data entry.

Classifications and Matrix – Define Employees’ Roles

The backbone of the Advanced Training Tracker, these features allow you to run dynamic reports on your employees’ training status and keep track of who needs refresher training. Classifications define the categories you use to create your training matrices. The number of classifications and matrices you can create is unlimited and any one employee can be placed in multiple classifications simultaneously. Once you have completed your matrix, you can compare it to operators’ matrices to see how they match up. You can also release your training information to individual operators so they can see that your employees are up-to-date on training.

Upload Documents and Release to Operators – Document Your Training

Easily upload documents including training certificates, test sheets, rosters, etc. directly to our servers. You can then release your training information, matrices, and documents for operators to view.

Dynamic Reports – Stay Current With Your Company’s Training

Run dynamic training reports on your individual employees, classifications, or entire company and evaluate how your employees are doing in reaching your company’s training goals. The three primary reports are Training Needs, Projected Training Needs, and Training Taken. These reports allow you to see what training is currently needed, what training will be needed, and what training has already been taken respectively.

Create Training Badges – Show Your Training

Your company has the option to design and print your own company-specific training badges complete with your company’s name and logo. These badges can include employee photo, employee ID, PEC number, and completed training courses listed on the back. The cards can be printed on paper or plastic using a dedicated card printer.


PEC Safety has a dedicated Help Desk to assist you and your company with utilizing Advanced Training Tracker (AdvTT). The Help Desk also offers free one-on-one webinar sessions to show you the full functions and benefits of AdvTT. For any AdvTT assistance or to schedule a free webinar session, please contact PEC Safety’s Help Desk at 1.800.892.8179 ext. 5005 or